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"Adrienne from Yoga Therapy Geelong has provided a welcoming and secure environment to use yoga for therapeutic purposes. Each session of the course was conducted with a deep understanding of mental health issues and approached with understanding and compassion. As someone completely new to yoga I was encouraged to participate at my functional level and never felt out of place amongst more experienced yogis. The experience of attending a yoga therapy course has left me feeling more confident and in control of my mental health and more prepared to combat issues when they may arise. I would strongly recommend anyone with mental health conditions to consider adding yoga therapy to their treatment plan to complement existing treatments". 

"Adrienne has created a safe and welcoming refuge from the stresses of everyday life. The non judgemental atmosphere has allowed me to relax and recharge during classes. I've been taught skills that really work to help me in stressful situations in life, and I highly recommend anyone to give it a try." 

"Could not recommend this course enough. I look forward to every Monday even though it is a long day for me, simply because these sessions provide such deep relaxation and give me such a beautiful state of mind to approach the rest of the week." 

"I would encourage anyone experiencing stress and anxiety to learn the simple techniques in this course as a first line treatment. You would be surprised what s difference you will feel." 

"Yoga Therapy Geelong is a safe and fun place to do your practice. Med free which is fantastic and now I just breathe in and out." 

"Small group setting, which assists anyone with mental health issues to feel safe and secure." 

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